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EDENPRAIRIE GRACE CHURCH  |  9301 Eden Prairie Rd  |  Eden Prairie, MN 55347

1st Thursday of the Month | 7:30 - 9:30am
This FREE Monthly Seminar includes an introduction to the valuable resources you will find in Crossroads Career Network. 

At our Monthly Seminars we feature a guest speaker presenting topics related to job search, networking, and lead generation.

Also, enjoy hearing inspiring stories from someone recently in transition that landed a new position.  


Micro Job Fair – (Eden Prairie location only)

At the close of each monthly meeting in Eden Prairie, we invite a few employers to be on-site and available after the meeting to network with you and discuss current job openings at a Micro Job Fair.


"Advanced Job Search Networking

with: Nathan Perez

Thursday, April 2nd

7:30 - 9:30am

Door 4, Grace Church, Eden Prairie MN

Nathan Perez

Nathan Perez will speak at our next Crossroads monthly seminar in Eden Prairie on Thursday, April 2nd beginning at 7:30am.

Get deeper insight into your contacts and discover a new look at networking.


Even if you have not read The 20-Minute Networking Meeting, this session with author Nathan A. Perez will give you a different and fresh perspective on building relationships, doing it the way you know how.

In this discussion, learn:

  • How should I prioritize my networking?

  • Who should I focus my networking on?

  • How do I find the people I need to meet?

  • What if people say no to introducing me to others?

  • Why don’t people respond to my emails? What do I do?

  • Who are the best networking contacts? (But really?)

  • How do I engage people in conversation?

  • The importance of Authenticity in Networking

  • The importance of, and how to express your professional background

And more! Come prepared for a discussion!

Nathan A. Perez is an, award-winning author, national speaker and executive career coach at Career Innovation, a consultancy that works all experience levels of job-seekers from across the country. 

Prior to his Career Innovation consultancy, Nathan worked in the executive search industry in the Research function. Responsible for the first step in the executive recruitment process, Nathan devises the strategies of “where and how to find” qualified candidates for client companies, delivering candidates to recruiters for recruitment.


He has been cited by The Huffington Post as one of the most connected people on LinkedIn, world-wide.  Networking is a day-to-day function of his job, connecting with leaders across the country on a regular basis.

Co-author of the multi-award-winning job-search networking book The 20-Minute Networking Meeting, Nathan speaks on its 5 principles to students, veterans, career coaches, executives and corporate teams everywhere.


Nathan draws on 20 years of stage, film and television experience in New York City and Hollywood, and is a member of the Author’s Guild; the Actors Equity Association union (AEA); a voting union member of The Screen-Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA); and served as Vice Chair at The Loft Literary Center, the nation’s largest literary and writing organization. He was recently inducted as an Honorary Commander with the 934th Airlift Wing, U.S. Air Force Reserve, home of the Global Vikings.

Speaker series includes:

Marcia Ballinger - Author
"Winning the Executive Interview"

Nathan Perez - Co-Author

"The 20-Minute Networking Meeting"

(Get more help from his Group Intensives!)
Nancy Burke & Richard Dodson -
Co-Authors - "Power Your Career:
The Art of Tactful Self-Promotion"

Dave Cornell - Author & Trainer
"Cultivate Courage"

Dale Henry - Speaker & Trainer

"Activating Your Real-World SuperPowers"

Abby Kohut (Absolutely Abby) - Author 

"101 Job Search Secrets"

David MagyExecutive Search

"Impression Management"

Scott Welle - Author & Performance Trainer

"Outperform the Norm"

John McMunn - Bus. Dev. Training 

"Be The Voice... Not The Echo"

Natalie Ackerman - Exec. Career Coach

"Interviewing for Success"

Mark Kizilos - Author "Frame-Breaking"


Each month at the Eden Prairie location we invite a few employers to be on-site and available after the meeting to network with you and discuss current job openings at a Micro Job Fair.

(Eden Prairie location only). 
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