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This FREE Monthly Seminar includes an introduction to the valuable resources you will find in Crossroads Career Network. 

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"When the job doesn’t come: How to put yourself in business in the professional gig economy.”

with John Arms

Thursday Morning, March 5th

9:00am - 10:30 am

at Substance Church

Spring Lake Park

John Arms will present at our next Crossroads monthly seminar in Spring Lake Park on Thursday Morning, March 5th  starting at 9:00am.

Does this sound familiar?


You apply for jobs. You network. You clean up your resume. You network some more. You hire a career coach. You read career books. You do multiple interviews. Even with all of that effort: you don’t land the job. 


Sometimes, the answer to who is going to be your next boss is looking right back at you in the mirror.


In the past, consulting and freelancing were thought of a way to pass time and earn a few bucks until you landed a full time job. 


Times have changed. The gig economy is now 40% of the American workforce. And growing. Going into business for yourself is a viable, and profitable option in today’s world.


Still, it doesn’t come with a road map.


In this session John will coach you on the 5 key areas on putting yourself in business in the gig economy.


1. Getting your mind set on gig work.

2. How to market yourself.

3. Client Service: how to keep them coming.

4. Don’t forget the day to day

5. Your operating system. 


John Arms is co-founder and co-author of UFM, an online platform designed to help you put yourself in business in the professional gig economy.  

Speaker series includes:

Marcia Ballinger - Author
"Winning the Executive Interview"

Nathan Perez - Co-Author

"The 20-Minute Networking Meeting"

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Nancy Burke & Richard Dodson -
Co-Authors - "Power Your Career:
The Art of Tactful Self-Promotion"

Dave Cornell - Author & Trainer
"Cultivate Courage"

Dale Henry - Speaker & Trainer

"Activating Your Real-World SuperPowers"

Abby Kohut (Absolutely Abby) - Author 

"101 Job Search Secrets"

David MagyExecutive Search

"Impression Management"

Scott Welle - Author & Performance Trainer

"Outperform the Norm"

John McMunn - Bus. Dev. Training 

"Be The Voice... Not The Echo"

Natalie Ackerman - Exec. Career Coach

"Interviewing for Success"

Mark Kizilos - Author "Frame-Breaking"

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