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Hello Crossroads,

Camfel Productions is a Christian non-profit organization that specializes in producing a multi-media assembly program that is presented to schools, churches, juvenile detention centers, and other organizations. Our programs are based on teaching Christian morals and values and follow with the character education programs already in effect in the schools.

We use top 40 music, television and movie clips, interviews with teens, and other fast-paced material to convey a message to students that they can make positive choices to better their lives no matter what the situation. Our messages promote anti-drug, anti-alcohol, and anti-bullying behaviors. In addition, we deal with the issues of peer pressure and the need to fit in.

We also produce an evangelical version of the show which we present to churches, private schools, camps, and others that are open to a message centered around God. This version stresses how God can help us through tough situations and how living for Him will fulfill our lives.

We are hiring for multi-media technicians to travel the country presenting the program. This is an awesome opportunity for anyone who desires to travel, impact youth, and experience a deeper relationship with God. We hire both married and single individuals who have little to no commitments at home and would be able to tour with us for a period of ten months, beginning in August.


Camfel Productions is now hiring multi-media Presenters to tour the country and present a motivational assembly program to schools, churches, camps, and other organizations. This is an awesome opportunity to travel the country, impact youth, and experience a deeper relationship with God.

No experience is required. We only ask that you be able to make a ten-month commitment to us beginning August 1, 2017, and lasting until the end of May/beginning of June of next year.

Please check out our website for more information and contact me if you have any questions or would like to know more!

Lastly, please contact us also if your church would like to know more about booking a presentation for your youth group or if you would be interested in supporting our organization.

Thank for your support!

God Bless You,

Cory Williams

Camfel Productions

1-800-5CAMFEL (1-800-522-6335 FREE)

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