Technical Administrative Assistant and Event Coordinator @ Minnesota Career Development Association

The MN Career Development Association – MCDA – is looking for an administrative person to work roughly 20-30 hours a month. Hours are very flexible but there are monthly deadlines on financials and general office administrative duties. Most if not all of the work can be done remotely. The following is a detailed job description.

Minnesota Career Development Association

Technical Administrative Assistant and Event Coordinator Job Description & Contract (YEAR)


General Administration

  • Distribute mail: United States Postal Service mail sent to MCDA will be distributed as appropriate to MCDA President and Treasurer.

  • Process mailed checks.

MCDA Supply Storage

  • Inventory and store MCDA supplies (e.g. brochures, event name badges and ribbons, etc.). This is not a bad idea. AT some point, we likely will not be able to use Quality Careers facility to store things.


Broadcast E-mails

  • Send messages from executive board, board of trustees, or event liaisons regarding official MCDA or NCDA business.

  • Send email blasts via AMO for all updates as requested including but not limited to event updates, newsletter updates and more.


  • Manage all incoming email to account; corresponding appropriately and responding within 24 hours of request.

Social Media

  • Use bufferapp to push updates and send members via facebook, twitter and linkedin to members


  • Receive incoming checks and make regular bank deposits at a frequency of no less than once per month.

  • Process, monitor and manage credit transactions from web services providers

  • Ensure web service provider notices get sent to treasurer for payment status (most are automated). See web services chart.

  • Complete the monthly financial report based on documents sent from the MCDA treasurer.


  • Fulfill website change requests (text, page, photo) from Technology Committee board member and/or Conference/Event Committee board member as needed.

  • All changes should be previewed and tested prior to go live status.

  • Maintain wordpress plugins for

  • Maintain connection between and AMO system within

  • Maintain for functioning links, testing when needed


Membership Processing using AMO

New Membership processing, communication and validation

  • Ensure new member registration functions properly within AMO system

  • Verify that new members are actually new, and not renewals in the system.

  • Edit and Send welcome letter by e-mail or using AMO system tool

  • Verify that credit card payments are reflected in individual’s AMO record and in report

Existing Member Management

  • Update/input member information.

  • Assist members with any database issues

Member Renewal Processing, communication and validation

  • Develop renewal reports as needed

  • Set up and verify Renewal processing is functioning accurately, system should have two reminders

  • Verify that credit card payments are reflected in individual’s AMO record and in report

Expired members

  • Validate inactive member status in AMO system.


  • Create monthly membership report and send to MCDA Executive Board members including current active members, renewals, inactive, and new members.

  • Create monthly payment reports via AMO and compare to report; send both to MCDA Treasurer

Membership Database Maintenance

  • Communicate with and between third party vendors (ArcStone,

  • Forward email received to service providers as needed

  • Communicate with Technology committee on a consistent basis.

Utilize AMO tools and widgets

  • Administrator will utilize AMO system tools to create, edit, and maintain content using AMO built in web editing tools and features.

Communication with AMO

  • Administrator will communicate directly with ArcStone (AMO’s) service provider when needed specific reports or when the system is having issues that need to be reported.


Event administration includes RoundTables, fall event, winter event, and spring conference and PDIs, as well as special events that MCDA deems are beneficial to membership.

Online (AMO) Event Set-up, Participant Registration, Payment Processing and Reporting

  • Administrator will set up event in AMO

  • Administrator will then set up AMO registration options such as participant type and rates per event.

  • Administrator will monitor payment as the system receives it; if the online payment fails then check processing will occur.

  • Administrator will ensure early bird pricing is set up properly, when appropriate.

Create Event Page (

  • Use event description created by Event Chair to develop/update an event page on the MCDA website.

Online Event Contact Person

  • Administrator will manage participant registration processing, problems, concerns etc. providing assistance as needed.

Offline Event Contact Person

  • MCDA contact information will be included on all event communication.

On-site Event Registrations

  • Administrator my need to be present at an event to collect registration checks and other monies. This will be determined by event chair and or other board members.

Mailing labels and name tags

  • Event chair may request labels of interest (e.g. members, inactive members, past event attendees, etc) to be printed and send to event chair.

  • Print name tags for spring careers conference.

Communicate with event chair

  • Provide weekly registration count updates to event chair.

Post Event processing

  • Event Chair or his or her designee will transfer all cash/check payments and/or other MCDA funds collected during an event to the Administrator if the Administrator is not there to collect the funds her or himself.

  • Administrator will do final tally and report event data to Treasurer and Event Chair after every event (amount collected, number attending, nature of collected fees, additional expenses).

Technical Knowledge Required:

WordPress, understanding of Database Management tools such as, Familiar with and third party payment solutions, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, BufferApp.


Expectations for Administrator with MCDA Board Communication

  • Administrator shall e-mail the Membership Summary Report by the 5th day of each month to all members of the current MCDA Board.

  • Administrator shall e-mail the MCDA President the list of MCDA members the first day of each month.

  • Administrator shall e-mail the MCDA Summary of Activities including questions and issues from members and community by the 5th day of each month to all members of the MCDA Executive Board.

  • Administrator shall mail bank deposits to the MCDA Treasurer monthly.

  • Administrator shall receive prior approval for all expenses above and beyond standard expenses (e.g. postage and labels are standard).

  • Administrator shall address all decisions not in contract or previously outlined with MCDA Board President.

  • Administrator shall included MCDA President on all communication with AMO representative.

  • Administrator shall contact MCDA President if issues, concerns, or questions arise while working with board members.

  • Administrator shall contact MCDA President and Technology Committee lead if issues, concerns, or questions arise while working with Technology Services

  • Administrator will obtain approval prior to changing technology services and under no circumstances shall change services without consent of MCDA President or Technology Committee lead.

Expectations for MCDA Board Communication with Administrator

  • MCDA will send current list of board members including contact information.

  • MCDA will update Administrator with any changes made to board member contact information.

  • MCDA will send Administrator the MCDA Board meeting minutes on a monthly basis.

Service level agreements

  • Any questions or concerns Administrator may have during the length of this contract will be brought to the MCDA Board President for discussion and resolution.

  • Administrator’s performance against contract requirements will be evaluated annually by the MCDA Board. Performance feedback will be communicated to them by the MCDA President within two weeks of the evaluation.

  • Other duties as assigned.

Questions? Contact:

Tom Colosimo

Independent Career Architect/Coach

Treasurer – MN Career Development Association

Washington County Development Board

Board/Committee Member – Simon Says Give


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