Senior Business Development Representative @ Dedicated Commercial Recovery Inc.

Job Description

Our company requires a Senior Business Development Representative with enhanced multitasking abilities, strong interpersonal and communication skills, and a focus on organizational growth. The ideal candidate will act as the driving force behind generating new sales leads and contacts for the company and maintaining those contacts far into the future.

Responsibilities and duties

The duties that the ideal candidate will perform on a regular basis include the following:

  • Identify potential new target markets.

  • Research prospective clients in existing target markets.

  • Uncover appropriate company contacts and utilize the sales strategies that can best be used in order to close and attract new clients.

  • Pursue leads and follow through to successful closes.

  • Maintain deep business relationships with current clients.

  • Possess a strong understanding of our services, our competition in the industry, and our positioning within the industry.

  • Follow the latest industry developments and stay up-to-date on our competitors.

  • Travel frequently to meet with new clients, meet with existing clients, and attend industry conference events.

  • Handle all aspects of social media for the company.

  • Handle all aspects of marketing and advertising for the company.

Qualifications and skills

The main skills and attributes that the ideal candidate will possess include the following:

  • Highly self motivated with a positive attitude.

  • Two years proven track record in business sales and negotiations within the company’s target markets.

  • Two years proven track record in commercial collections.

  • Technical skills required to understand and propose solutions through focusing on client needs.

  • Excellent presentation and communication skills.

  • Excellent ability to work with staff members and resolve internal employee conflicts.

  • Excellent organizational skills, with emphasis on setting priorities and goals.

  • Strong proficiency in relevant software (e.g. Sales Force, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.)

Questions? Contact:

Shawn Smith


1970 Oakcrest Avenue, Suite 217

Roseville, MN 55113

Office 844-351-3945

Cell 612-232-9516 Check us out on the web @

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