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Minnetonka United Methodist Church

Job Title: Director of Children, Youth, and Families (Full-Time Position)

Purpose: This position coordinates and directs all aspects of Christian Education and development from the nursery through senior high and, in coordination with other areas of MUMC, develops vibrant and meaningful ministries that are caring, inclusive, and Spirit-filled.

Qualifications: Vital, contagious faith in Jesus Christ. Experience in Christian education, education or similar field; excellent organizational, recruitment, planning, and promotional skills; a love of people; passion for working with people of all ages; ability to develop and nurture volunteer leaders; ability to assess and implement curriculum. Experience with a Christian tradition which is compatible with Methodist traditions Support for, and alignment with, MUMC commitment to provide an inclusive community for all.

Compensation/Benefits: Compensation is provided on a semi-monthly basis, at a rate consistent with skills and experience. Performance and salary reviews are conducted annually. Annual paid vacation and sick days are provided in accordance with the MUMC Personnel Policies for Lay Employees.

Accountability: This position reports directly to the Lead Pastor. The Director of Children, Youth, and Family receives work direction from the Lead Pastor and the Associate Pastor.

Responsibilities: On an annual basis, a commitment of 40 hours per week, including Sunday mornings and evening and weekend meetings and programs as needed. The person serving in this position is responsible for the development, management, and care of the Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry programs of Minnetonka United Methodist Church. The specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Program Development., Leadership and Management

  • Working collaboratively with the program staff and the Children’s Ministry team on programming ideas, directions, and changes in Children, Youth, and Families and keeping all informed of what is taking place in the program.

  • Organizing and leading a summer youth mission trip.

  • Working with Children’s Ministry team annually for a summer Vacation Bible School program.

  • Recruiting, training, and nurturing Sunday School teachers and volunteers.

  • Scheduling volunteers to assist the childcare workers in the nursery, toddler, and preschool rooms for church events.

  • Managing and organizing MADD (Make a Difference Day) Camp.

  • Collaborating with the Pastors regarding Young Adult program offerings.

  • Being knowledgeable of Christian Education curricula and ordering appropriate materials for MUMC needs.

  • Coordinating Adventure Club on Wednesday evenings during the school year.

  • Creating regular service and fellowship opportunities for youth beyond Sunday morning and Wednesday evening activities.

  • Managing children program during Wednesday evening worship.


  • Developing and implementing events/activities for children outside of Sunday school, such as Vacation Bible School, missional activities, family movie nights.

  • Creating awareness of/promotion of United Methodist summer church camps.

  • Conducting “children’s time” during the worship service, as asked.

  • Working with the representatives of the Youth Ministry team in preparing Confirmation, youth group, and youth mission trip activities.

  • Developing family events such as tubing, movie nights, and others to promote intergenerational fellowship.

Communication and Celebration

  • Communicating and promoting Children, Youth, and Family activities and needs to the congregation and other staff members;

  • Preparing and coordinating Volunteer communication, celebration and recognition.

  • Preparing and coordinating, with the Pastor, Bible presentations to 3-year olds and 3rd graders.

Meetings and Administration

  • Participating in staff meetings as called by the Lead Pastor

  • Attending Team meetings as well as other meetings that are important to the Christian Education program. (Children’s ministry, Youth ministry).

  • Maintaining and assuring compliance of the MUMC Safe Church Policy.

  • Preparing and submitting an annual budget for Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry teams to be submitted to the Finance Committee; managing the funds that are identified for Christian Education; maintaining and ordering supplies and equipment for classroom use.

  • Working with representatives of the Children’s Ministry team in preparing nursery, toddler, and pre-school guidelines and ensuring that the guidelines are sent to all parents of children in the programs.

  • Working with the administrative team to maintain files and registration forms of all children in the nursery, toddler, pre-school, elementary, and junior and senior high programs.

  • Ensuring that records are accurately kept for all Children, Youth, and Family programs, including registration forms and attendance forms.

  • Oversee maintenance of children “fun bags” for use during worship.

For additional information, or to express an interest in this opportunity, you should contact Minnetonka United Methodist Church at –

Phone - (952) 474-4114

Email -

17611 Lake Street Extension

Minnetonka, MN 55346

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