Multiple Cable Tech positions @ Mediacom

Mediacom has openings in various areas of Minnesota, including the Southwest Metro area…..

Mediacom – Essential Critical Infrastructure Service Company

  • Mediacom is an Essential Services Company as declared by the Department of Homeland Security Cyber Security and Infrastructure Division. We provide critical communications to those in the communities which include first responder, emergency responder, pubic messaging, and 911 communications providing lifesaving capabilities during this period of National Emergency.

Our Employees and New Hires Stay Safe!

  • Our employees are free to come and go during this time of National Emergency while working and carry proper documentation with them as verification for this status.

  • Our employees are given proper training and PPE to keep them safe.

  • Our employees are trained staying within the CDC and social distancing guidelines.

  • Customers are pre-screened prior to interacting with our Technical Staff on scheduled appointments.

Our Recruiting & Interviewing Process is Safe!

  • Our job application process for candidates is all online.

  • Our screening and interviewing process uses social distancing practices to keep everyone safe = phone, video interviewing etc.

Our Technical Staff are Compensated Appropriately

  • Our Technical Staff are receiving additional pay above the standard hourly pay rate during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

Mediacom is Recruiting for Additional Cable Tech Installers – NOW!!!!

  • Please see the flyer HERE!

  • We have multiple positions in multiple areas across Minnesota and Iowa.

  • THIS IS NOT A temp role due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis.

  • These are LONG-TERM, FULL-TIME ROLES – WITH BENEFITS. This is NOT temp or seasonal work.

  • Hired on Day #1 – and start earning wages on Day #1

  • Company Provided Paid Training – FREE AT NO COST!

  • Company Provided Tools and Equipment at NO COST!

  • Company Provided Tech Vehicle – insurance, gas, maintenance all covered by the company up-front.

  • Candidates all interact with me via phone and video if needed.

Questions? Contact:

Barbara Baedke Staebell

HR Supervisor| Lakes Region

1670 Lake Drive West Chanhassen, MN 55317


Apply online |

Apply by text| text “Mediacom” to 97211

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