Multiple Positions @ Q Carriers


Q Carriers has these current openings...

  1. Experienced Truck Drivers – Always hiring for this position! Must have 2 years experience (due to insurance restrictions) but Q Carriers is one of the better places for a driver to call home than any other company! We hire drivers located in many different states – not just locally.

  2. Mechanic – Diesel mechanic for the tractor, and for the trailer or a hybrid mechanic, working on both. Must have schooling or experience. We have 2 positions open – and for one of them, we will consider a student working PT as they are in school, or we will consider a person with car mechanic experience. Both of those would be hired in at a much lower rate than an experienced diesel mechanic, due to the on the job training aspect of the position – however, with a couple years of experience, they would be in the same position as a person graduating from school – able to pick an employer – because a good, experienced mechanic is hard to come by.!

  3. Logistics Representative – this role “brokers” available freight. Negotiation skills, closing skills and people skills are the top two things we are looking for. Any experience/knowledge in transportation, logistics or freight is helpful – but not 100% necessary. Someone who sold cars for example would have that negotiation and closing skill set so could be valuable in this position. With solid negotiation experience, we would train the Logistics piece.

  4. Logistics Sales Executive – a top level sales person charged with building our customer base. Finding new clients is the top priority. There is obviously some relationship building involved also – but the day to day hand holding of the clients is passed to the Account Manager and the CSRs - the Sales Executive is the locator. Heavy duty sales job – and experience in transportation is necessary. This person has to know the industry to be able to sell our company.

  5. Transportation Representative – an entry level “administrative assistant” if you will. This position usually moves up to become a dispatcher or fleet manager or a Logistics Representative. But in this entry level position, they are the helping hand for all three of those roles – doing the more mundane tasks of those roles so that the managers and representatives can spend more time doing higher level activities. No transportation experience is required, but someone who has worked on a dock or somewhere in shipping or receiving or order fulfillment will have some exposure to the vocabulary and the general idea of what the industry will focus on.

Qualified? Interested? Questions? Contact:

Marcia Human Resources Generalist P: 952-403-7105

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