Story Capital Hiring for an Operations Role

  • Implement paperwork and follow up for investment account openings, money transfers, and investment account overview;

  • Prepare illustrations, paperwork, carrier requirements and client communications for life insurance applications;

  • Document new procedures in Procedure Notebook

  • Drive the efficiency of the firm with CRM, Virtuoso, and implementation procedures

  • Update information in Redtail

  • Update team on status of new investment accounts and insurance policies at weekly meeting

  • Update clients as investment accounts and insurance underwriting is in progress

  • Correspond with carriers and custodians regarding new accounts and account/insurance servicing

  • Assist in preparation for insurance/investment review meetings

  • Prepare, send, track, and invoice financial planning agreements and ensure new clients get on a January billing schedule

  • Work with advisors on information needed for investment accounts, insurance applications, and financial planning agreements

This is a fully mentored position:

  • We already have extensive policies and procedures in place which the new person can improve and amend as appropriate. The actual title would be Operations Analyst.

  • We have a young woman, Sarah, in place who has been sharing the attached responsibilities with my spouse, Michele, who has previously headed our Operations Department.

  • The person in this new position will be mentored by and reporting to Michele and Sarah.

  • Sarah has decided to become an advisor at Story Capital having recently received her CFP designation.

  • Sarah’s decision has necessitated that Story find a person who can truly embrace and master all of the responsibilities of the Operations Department so that Sarah can more fully focus on her new position as a paraplanner.

  • The new person would not be “all alone” because Sarah and Michele are fully functional in all aspects of this position and, as mentors to the new person, they “know all the answers.”

  • Our employment environment is a wonderful “family” feel with work-from-residence capability.

  • We are an all for one and one for all team environment so every position at Story is a valued position.

  • Mastery of Excel is of value

  • All team members to date are spiritually active and some of us used to be members of Grace Church back in the France Avenue days… but we have moved on to other churches.

  • While Financial Service industry experience is a plus, it is not a requirement for the position. An eagerness to learn and soak up information, a hardworking, organized, focused, self-disciplined, dedicated person of character is far more important than experience in the industry.

Interested candidates may reach out directly to Michele by email or cell phone: Michele’s cell is 612-805-5155. If Michele is not available, I may be reached at 612-850-0086. Our office numbers are operational as well.

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