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Since we can't meet in person, we now offer...
1st Thursday morning of each month | 7:30 - 9:00am
2nd Thursday evening of each month | 7:00 - 8:30pm
3rd Thursday morning of each month | 7:30 - 9:00am
These FREE Webinars include an introduction to the valuable resources you will find through MN Crossroads Career Network. 

At our Monthly Seminars, we feature a guest speaker presenting topics related to job search, networking, and lead generation.

Also, enjoy hearing inspiring stories from someone recently in transition that landed a new position.  


(find recordings of prior webinars at the bottom of this page)


"Activate Your Real World Superpowers"

with: Dale Henry

Thursday Morning, May 6th

7:30 - 9:00 am


Leveraging your TRUE STRENGTHS (not your StrengthsFinder ‘top 5’ talent themes) is the #1 driver of performance, achievement, enjoyment, and personal success. Unfortunately, studies show that less than 20% (actually 12%) of us leverage our strengths in our daily work.


So let’s fix that! And have some fun in the process.


This presentation will take you far beyond where all others (give up &) leave off in identifying, developing and leveraging your TRUE STRENGTHS – to the point they feel & perform like real world superpowers – to multiply you success in pursuit of your goals & dreams.


You will learn:

  • How TRUE STRENGTHS differ from StrengthsFinder talent themes (oh, and how they are 30 times more valuable!)

  • Two of the 4 ways to identify your TRUE STRENGTHS and communicate their value to potential future employers

  • To identify your ‘highest most distinctive value’ (your real world superpowers) and ensure you’re memorable during the hiring process (using your ‘call sign’ and ‘tagline’).


Dale Henry (a.k.a. ‘The Diamond Cutter’) is known for ‘helping ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things’. He’s the founder of Critical Insight Group, and the creator of the professional coaching program called The Real World Superhero Academy. He’s been hired by over 50 Fortune 500 companies, along with countess small and mid-sized businesses, to improve the performance, and lives, of over 1.2 million people throughout North America.


He’s also a Master Human Capital Strategist, with the Human Capital Institute and a founding partner in the international John Maxwell Team (of leadership and performance coaches).


"Awareness, Authenticity, and Adaptability - Creating More Effective Conversations"

with: Jon Halleen

Thursday Evening, May 13th

7:00 - 8:30 pm


Conversations connect us to other people.


When we understand ourselves, and when we use questions to discover things about other people, we can have better conversations. Knowing what is important to the other person and responding with useful feedback can help us make progress with each other.

This is crucial when we network or interview, and whenever we attempt to sell ourselves or our ideas. The ability to influence and even persuade people to consider solutions is the pathway to solving problems.


“The Most Important Investment You Can Make Is in Yourself.” - Warren Buffet


Your effort, time, and money to improve yourself will increase your future value.


Beyond the fundamental skills everyone needs to be successful in life, we will talk about building the human skills to become more psychologically and emotionally flexible. We will address the Automatic and Reactive Systems which damage our ability to communicate and relate to others. We can shift from our limiting beliefs and cognitive biases to more purposeful Adaptive Capabilities. This helps us move from being fixed or stuck, so that we can embrace change and growth.


About Jon Halleen


Following several years as a therapist, Jon transitioned to business in sales and sales management. His business experience was primarily with financial, training, and human resources companies. During the last 15 years his work has been within entrepreneurial partnerships focusing on organizational culture, sales training, and personal coaching.


His skills were honed during decades of working with people through facilitation, teaching, training, and consulting.

Jon is co-founder of Applied Humanics which applies principles from the behavioral, cognitive, and social sciences. As a facilitator and change agent he combines his education and experience with a belief in human potential—to help individuals and groups develop human skills to achieve behavior change and personal growth.


Jon holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Sociology, and an advanced degree in Counseling Psychology.



"Connecting and Communicating with the Brain in Mind:

Know your Triggers to Achieve Better Outcomes"

with: Julie Loosbrock

Thursday Morning, May 20th

7:30 - 9:00 am


“We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are” (Anais Nin).


How familiar are you with the impact your brain has in processing the world around you? Do you understand the role your brain plays in how you react and respond to life in the here & now? Gaining some insight in this realm and learning some simple techniques can truly make a major difference for you both personally and professionally.


Everything you do in life is based upon your brain’s determination to minimize threat or maximize reward. In fact, your brain treats social threats with the same (OR EVEN GREATER) intensity than physical threats. The world of work is one big social system, that can contain both social threats and social rewards.


When we experience “threat”, our capacity to make decisions, solve problems, collaborate, etc. is greatly reduced. Is there any hope for change? YES! Knowing this information, can help us make conscious choices and decisions to offset threat and employ reward strategies.


During our time together, we will: 1) understand the organizing principle of the brain, 2) understand the SCARF® (Status, Certainty Autonomy, Relatedness Fairness) model and  how you and others are “triggered” in each of the psychological/social domains, 3) learn how to manage SCARF® to drive better outcomes for yourself and in interactions with others, and 4) learn some simple techniques you can implement to put you in the driver’s seat.


Knowing this information and putting it to use in your day to day life, will help you navigate the “world of work” and the “world of social” more successfully. You will experience the difference this can make for you and those around you immediately.

Julie Loosbrock is the Founder & Chief Consultant of Corporate Soul Infusion® & Reignite The Soul®, which provide coaching and consulting services. She has over 30 years of corporate experience, most recently as an HR Executive and CHRO.


Julie holds a doctorate degree in organization development, certifications in a wide variety of assessments, leader and team development tools, and certification in NLP and brain-based coaching and consulting techniques. As a certified NLP Life Coach she works with both individuals and businesses. She is a dynamic leader with extensive expertise in driving cultural transformation through practical business partnerships facilitating sustainable change.


Julie has a passion for creating environments that value employees; recognizing them not only for what they do, but also for who they are.  She is on a mission to bring her passion, expertise, and experience to organizations and business leaders enabling them to lead not only with their head but also their hearts; creating cultures of engaged, motivated employees so the organization and people thrive as they collaborate for success.

Dale Henry will present at our Crossroads webinar on

Thursday Morning, May 6th  beginning at 7:30 am

Jon Halleen will present at our Crossroads webinar on

Thursday Evening, May 13th beginning at 7:00 pm

Julie Loosbrock will present at our Crossroads webinar on

Thursday Morning, May 20th beginning at 7:30 am

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