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Since we can't meet in person, we now offer...
1st Thursday morning of each month | 7:30 - 9:00am
2nd Thursday evening of each month | 7:00 - 8:30pm
3rd Thursday morning of each month |  7:30 - 9:00am
These FREE Webinars include an introduction to the valuable resources you will find through MN Crossroads Career Network. 

At our Monthly Seminars, we feature a guest speaker presenting topics related to job search, networking, and lead generation.

Also, enjoy hearing inspiring stories from someone recently in transition that landed a new position.  


(find recordings of prior webinars at the bottom of this page)


"What Recruiters Want"

with: David Magy

Thursday Evening, July 9th

7:00 - 8:30 pm


So much mystery seems to surround working with recruiters...

- Retained, Contingent and (internal) Corporate-based. 


David’s presentation will define the terms commonly used (what IS a ‘head-hunter’), and explain the external recruiter’s role in working with candidates and organizations. He will also talk about internal recruiters - and how to develop relationships with them as well.  Salary discussions will also be addressed.  At the end of the presentation, he will talk about hot business areas to pursue - based on general growth for all career areas. 

David Magy, over the past 30 years, has earned the reputation as “expert” in the field of retained search, corporate recruitment and workforce consulting.  He has worked extensively with human resource staffing system design from both the corporate and consulting perspectives.

In 1996, David further used his knowledge to help establish Abeln, Magy, Underberg & Associates as a respected partner in recruiting key talent within a large array of business. David is a nationally recognized speaker and blogs on matters related to search, staffing and ethics.


David is very active in the community, working as a “friend of the board” within three non-profit organizations. David enjoys many hobbies and pursuits – he is known as a person who ‘collects experiences.’ 


"EOS / Traction:

What a Person in Transition Needs to Know"

with: Joel Swanson

Thursday Morning, July 16th

7:30 - 9:00 am


EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) is a comprehensive business system, integrating a holistic business model with a complete set of  business tools, and processes to align and synchronize all the pieces of a business to produce desired results. 

More companies are running on EOS in the Twin Cities than any other metro area, so if you haven’t yet interviewed with one, there’s a very good chance you will!  This presentation’s purpose is not to teach you about EOS.  Rather, it is to help you understand the most important things about this system, so that you can as prepared as possible when interacting with an EOS company.

Joel Swanson, a Certified EOS Implementer, has a passion for helping business owners get what they want from their businesses, and doing so in a way that transforms the lives of the people around them.  He has been running, leading, and consulting for small and mid-sized businesses his entire career, and his clients consistently and confidently outperform their competitors.  


A lifelong learner, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, a Master’s Degree in Theology (he says of himself “I have a bad habit of getting degrees that I don’t use”), and many shelves full of books in his office. 


He can be reached at joel@mileoneteams.com or 612.836.3656.


"Hiring from an Employer Perspective"

with: Heidi Grange

Thursday Morning, August 6th

7:30 - 9:00 am


How do you best position yourself as a candidate in the current market?


How do you leverage technology, social media, your network and relationships to help you land your new role?


What do employers really look for in candidates when they make hiring decisions?


These may be a few of several questions on your mind in your journey to a new position with a great employer.


In this presentation, Heidi Grange will focus on sharing insights from an employer’s point of view – what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for beyond just job skills – and how to effectively stand out as a candidate in a competitive market. The presentation will focus on big picture recruitment trends which impact hiring, including technology, and how you can effectively build relationships within a target company (or companies) you desire to join.


​Heidi Grange has almost 25 years of broad human resources, talent acquisition and development experience and has worked at large and midsize global organizations in the Twin Cities metro area. She is currently the SVP of Human Resources and Officer at an engineering and manufacturing organization focused on medical device and other markets.


Heidi has a passion for partnering with business leaders to put the “right talent in the right organization at the right time” to drive business performance and growing talent to the best of their capabilities.

Heidi is an active leader in the HR community, including the HREF (HR Executive Forum) Board and stays connected through active engagement with local HR senior leadership professional associations.

David Magy will present at our Crossroads webinar on

Thursday evening, July 9th

beginning at 7:00 pm

Joel Swanson will present at our Crossroads webinar on

Thursday morning, July 16th

beginning at 7:30 am

Heidi Grange will present at our Crossroads webinar on

Thursday morning, August 6th

beginning at 7:30 am

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