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One-To-One​ Coaching Sessions


We have Crossroads volunteers available for you to meet with 1-to-1 ONLINE OR BY PHONE with any questions you may have regarding your job search...

Resumes, Interviews, Networking, Career Direction, or anything else that you'd like to discuss regarding your job search.

Fill out the request form, and a Crossroads volunteer will reach out to you soon to schedule a time for you to meet through a Zoom meeting online, or by phone.

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Soul Care in the Search

If your greater need is for moral and spiritual support during your job search,

Soul Care may be for you!

What does Soul Care do?

Volunteers provide one-to-one soul care for people going through job loss and transition.

  • Volunteers: Volunteers are supervised and provide a high level of care. They are not professional caregivers, their roll is different from that of a counselor, therapist, pastor, or a physician.

  • One-to-One: When you sign up for this program you will be matched up with a care giver of the same gender and the two will meet (telephone, zoom, or in person) typically once a week for an hour to an hour and half. This relationship will be more fully defined in the first meeting, everyone’s needs are different, and we will tailor the sessions and length of time to each need.

  • Soul Care: Care is given by listening, supporting, and helping care receivers explore feelings about their job loss and transition without judgement, while offering emotional and Christian spiritual encouragement and  support meeting you wherever you are at.

If you would like to explore whether Soul Care is for you... email:

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