Whether you are just starting out by seeking help with the basics like resume writing or are looking to expand your network on LinkedIn, we provide you with a number of valuable job search resources.

Metro-Wide Listing

The Twin Cities has a number of job support groups that provide training and networking opportunities for anyone looking for work. We have provided a useful document called "Master Networking List" made available to you through Google Drive which you may access by clicking here.

Learning to interview well sets you apart from other candidates. Here are some essential tips to consider when interviewing for a job. We have provided 6 tip sheets on Google Drive which you may access here.

Looking for additional resources for your search? We have provided 7 useful documents on Google Drive which you may access here.


Learn how to write a career plan, track jobs and more!

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Skill and personality assessments can help you in your job search - especially when embarking on a new career and wanting to better convey you who you are and what you do. Values and Personality Assessment Tools are available here on Google Drive.

Access past presentations from monthly meetings offered by Crossroads Career Network at Grace Church.  Click here to access all of our monthly meeting presentation slides.

Learn tips on how create a Linkedin profile, write resumes, and prepare a resume for those pesky online application tracking systems. We have created 5 resume writing tip sheets which you can access on Google Drive.

Networking is an essential part of your job search. Use these resources to apply "best practices" when networking. Access 7 useful documents to assist you with your networking activities, you may access them here on Google Drive.

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Ambassadors for Business

Would you like to continue effective networking with Christian business professionals once you land in your new role?

Check out Thrive! events, along with other resources at Ambassadors for Business. AFB is non-profit organization focused on equipping Christians to walk boldly in faith while connecting them to do business together. Experience life transformation via leadership and personal development training along with fellowship and networking with others of like mind and Spirit.